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These tags are used in the description of config or ResourceConverters starting with @:


All keys are optional, unless otherwise specified with @mandatory.

@optional tag specifies why this key is not only optional but perhaps useless in some cases.


Few keys are @mandatory, and here's why.

@stability: (1-5)

A nodejs-like stability of the setting. If not stated, its assumed to be a "3 - Stable".


Rarely used, cause default is evident in the code that follows the key description, unless otherwise specified.


This file is documentation & code. @todos should be part of any code and a great chance to highlight future directions!

Also watch out for NOT IMPLEMENTED features - uRequire is still v0.x!


Usually DEPRECATED (but still supported) keys.


Any other note that requires attention


Similar / interesting stuff.

Deriving loosely typed values: @derive & @type tags


Describes the derive behavior, i.e how values are derived (i.e inherited) to a child config, from other parent configs.

@see the standard derive behaviors here


Describes the expected type of the value.

@see the standard types here