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Montemaggio joins the meaning of excellent wine “Terroir.” We get the opportunity to check wine quality in each jug to guarantee that a unique item is acquired. The plants were planted at an extremely high thickness for every hectare (in certain grape plantations, 6250 plants for each hectare). A more modest measure of grapes is then created per hectare (35-60 liters for each hectare indicated by vintage) by methods for fitting and determination strategies.

Cordon speronato(spurred rope), alberello (headed bramble wine), and guyot are the most mainstream frameworks for preparing wines.

These properties ensure the advancement of the extraordinary and certifiable Tuscan wines, besides the openness (south-southwest), the ski slants, and the miniature environment, the land just as the complex and accurate work performed.

Each pack is picked in the viticulture during the reap and again in the viticulture later on. The gathering is performed physically just when the grapes are entirely developed. It can be said that the organic wines of Fattoria di Montemaggio are 100% carefully assembled and hold all the idea of the components of the land where they are delivered.

Moreover, since 2009, Montemaggio is a naturally guaranteed domain, which implies that we produce unadulterated natural organic tuscan wine. They practice natural cultivating. Accordingly, development is worked through with no external or compound factor influencing the climate with both the most special consideration and regard for nature.

Chianti Wine Tours and Degustations at Fattoria di Montemaggio can establish a long-lasting connection! The objective is to make the best Tuscan natural wines alongside a scope of natural home items. Montenaggio is pleased to give the visitors the best wine visits, wine degustations, and tasting occasions. For the individuals who visit the Montemaggio legacy, you can get life-changing encounters.