Granite countertops will always be a beautiful addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Installing your countertop all by yourself can be an ambitious move but you should consider a professional for the installations. If you want to do it on your own, you can still follow some simple steps and achieve the kitchen quartz countertops near me look that you have always wanted. You can do all that by planning and also measuring very carefully. You can use the right tools and make sure to avoid any kind of damages that will make your countertop look bad. So, how can you do it?

Plan for your countertop
• Create a template of countertop
You should use a large piece of cardboard to try and trace the accurate size of the countertop and cut away any excess. This is a very important step because it will always help you make the exact template of the countertop surface. You should always take your time in doing this to make sure that the measurements are right. When measuring, you should also decide on the size of the overhang that you want.
• Choose a granite slab
The next thing to do is choosing a granite slab. You can buy in showrooms, local fabricators, or a home center. Make sure to select the right granite color.
Reinforce the countertop
After you have the countertop with you, it’s time to now cut into the required measurements. You can then attach it to the cabinet by drilling screws in the cabinet. You should then add a coat that is waterproof to the membrane. You should then cut the granite countertop just to make sure that it fits. After installation, you can use a wet grinding wheel for the sake of smoothing the edges.

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