How to Protect Workers from Hazards Related to Concrete Cutting

If you’re in the construction industry or can be a house owner taking up a DIY project, chances are you’ve heard of concrete cutting and drilling. But what exactly is it? How would you practice it? What equipment do you really need? The essentials of concrete cutting and drilling can seem daunting at first, but being familiar with them is essential if you want to comprehensive any project concrete cutting efficiently. Let us look.

What Exactly Is Concrete Cutting and Drilling?

Concrete cutting and drilling are two strategies utilized to break up sizeable chunks of concrete into smaller sized sections for much easier removing or even for repurposing the definite for other utilizes. In both situations, particular equipment are employed to reduce or drill from the materials with no damage to its reliability. Dependant upon the task accessible, both one may become more suitable compared to the other. By way of example, when creating an launching inside a wall surface which requires preciseness or carrying out sophisticated cuts in gemstone masonry tasks, drilling is often the smartest choice. On the other hand, when eliminating a lot of substance quickly—such as when demolishing a full wall—cutting is often more effective.

Equipment Required for Concrete Cutting and Drilling

The most prevalent instrument employed for cutting through definite can be a gemstone blade found. These saws may be found in numerous measurements and shapes—from hand held types just to walk-behind versions—and each will use diamonds-tipped cutting blades to cut through hard components like brick and definite without difficulty. When drilling through cement, specialized drills named rotary hammers are usually employed these drills have potent engines that allow them to drive even sizeable parts into heavy areas without concern. Of course, there are also other professional tools for example central drills that can be used dependant upon the task on hand these drills produce greater pockets than typical rotary hammer drills by utilizing hollow parts loaded with gemstones that slice away on the substance around them as they turn.


Concrete cutting and drilling may be intimidating if you don’t understand what you’re doing, but understanding the basic principles may help make any undertaking go smoothly. Regardless of whether you’re a professional licensed contractor or maybe dealing with a DIY project in your house, having information about how these two functions operate will assist guarantee good results each and every time! With a few specialised resources like precious stone blade saws and rotary hammers (or maybe more specific products like central drills), everyone can come to be an authority quickly!