What Temperature Should You Use For Different Applications With A Heat Gun?


Heating guns are flexible and useful resources that you can use in a variety of apps, like taking away color, diminishing plastic material and vinyl wraps, loosening adhesives, welding plastic materials, and more. But prior to going out and get 1, there is something to think about. Which kind of heat gun is right for your requirements? What capabilities in the event you try to find? Here’s heatgun all you need to know before you make any purchase.

Kinds of Heating Weapons

Both the principal forms of heating guns are heat firearms (HAGs) and infrared heating firearms (IRHGs). Heat firearms utilize an electrical home heating factor to build heat that is then directed via a nozzle. Heat guns are best for software like drying or treating paints and coatings, softening caulks and sealants, diminishing tubing or some other reduce in size-wrap components, or bending plastic materials. Additionally, they work efficiently for soldering modest electric wire connections.

Infra-red temperature pistols emit electromagnetic radiation such as infra-red waves. As opposed to heat guns that rely on convection warmth transfer (i.e., heated up oxygen), infrared warmth firearms count on radiation warmth exchange the infra-red surf traveling with the atmosphere to achieve their objective substance, heating system it efficiently and quickly. Infra-red heat firearms can be used many different tasks such as getting rid of color from surfaces with no damage to them (unlike making use of solvents), welding plastic materials together without melting them, loosening adhesives from surface areas without leading to injury or departing residue behind, and much more.

Functions To Consider

When buying a heat gun there are various capabilities you should seek out:

Heat Management – Various materials demand different temperature ranges as a way to carry out properly so having accurate temperatures handle is important when picking a heat gun product. Seek out types with adjustable heat settings to get the work done properly every time.

Toughness – Temperature pistols acquire a great deal of neglect over their lifetimes so ensure that the design you end up picking is created to very last by looking at its design resources (aluminum is normally much better than plastic-type material). Also ensure that the system has some form of overload defense that will close them back when it receives too very hot or overheats as a result of heavy use.

Safety Measures – Several present day designs have security features including a computerized shutoff timer which will switch off the unit after a certain amount of time has elapsed or perhaps an exhaust supporter which will keep the system amazing during weighty use time periods. Be sure any product you buy has these kinds of security features in position therefore you don’t need to bother about accidentally burning up yourself or another type while using it.


Heating firearms could be crucial resources for almost any redecorating task or business work site but only if they’re acquired intelligently! Be sure the next purchase has temperature control features so you can precisely change the setting according to what substance you’re working together with try to find versions with durable construction resources and make sure there are numerous safety features integrated for example an automated shutoff timer or even an exhaust supporter to keep the device awesome during continuous use periods. With these considerations in your mind, looking for a new heat gun ought to be more simple! Good luck!